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docker Common Operations

Docker is a common tool in software development, and some operations are used every day.


Execute under debian:

  $ apt install docker-compose

Test installation is complete:

  $ docker run hello-world


Mirror pull, list, delete.

  $ docker pull hello-world
  $ docker image ls
  $ docker image rm [imageName]

After writing the Dockerfile, package and publish the image to the docker hub.

  $ docker build -t [username] / [repository]: [tag].
  $ docker push [username] / [repository]: [tag]


Run, enter bash, list, terminate, delete container, print log:

  $ docker run hello-world
  $ docker run -it ubuntu bash
  $ docker container ls --all
  $ docker container kill / stop [containID]
  $ docker container rm [containID]
  $ docker logs --tail = [num] [containID]

Enter the running container and open the bash operation:

  $ docker container exec -it [containerID] / bash