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Have to be special(2) - Shuangpin

Zhuang, Quanpin input method requires pressing six keys, double spelling only requires pressing two keys, vd.

On the surface, the reduction of keys can increase the typing speed. In fact, the improvement in efficiency is not obvious. One word, two keys, two characters, four keys, four characters, eight keys. Using double spelling has a strong sense of rhythm. This is It has the only and huge advantage over Quanpin.

Get started & memory

ms shuangpin

There are many versions of Shuangpin, and each version is similar. I chose Microsoft Shuangpin. Multiple versions of Shuangpin are perfectly supported on windows and Linux. Windows is set directly in the native input method. Linux is set in the fcitx setting tool. The setting is complete. Then you can get started.

Shuangpin is actually a single consonant key, a final key, and two keys to form a child. Most initials are originally a key. The positions of individual special initials such as zh, ch, etc. need to be memorized. Most of the finals have two keys, so basically their positions All need to remember. The following memory excerpt from the Internet is very useful:

  1. Consonants are on the same key

M-ian (cotton) Q-iu (ball) X-ie (shoes) G-eng (more) S-ong (pine) R-uan (soft) ch-I (eat) H-ang (hang) sh-U (tree) F-en (points) K-ao (test) L-ai (come) N-in (you) zh-ui \ [V] (chasing) Z-ei (thief)

  1. The initials are on the same key and cannot form a syllable

Batch (P) Article (un) Batch (P) Cloud (ün): Approval North (B) Europe (ou) to (Y) outside (uai), outside Northern Europe Private (S) Use (iong) Day (R) Yuan (üan) Urgent (J) Case (an), Private Yen Urgent From then on (C) ask (iao) and (T) about (üe). From now on Wow (ua) Wow (ia), ow Oh (O) I (uo) feed (V) fish (ü), oh I feed fish Big (D) King (uang) gets (D) Sheep (iang) Big King gets sheep

  1. Zero initials

Zero initials, use letter O instead of initials For example: Love AI: Just enter OL; AN: OJ

After memorizing the recipe, you can throw all the spells aside, and set your notebook and mobile phone to double spells. The feeling of difficulty at the beginning will gradually disappear with your practice. After a short period of time, you can completely grasp.

Make a cocktail

Part I

Have to make a difference (1)-keyboard companion colemak /article/2020-01-26_colemak

In Chinese, I have replaced the keyboard companion with colemak, and now I have mixed Shuangpin and colemak together.The English input will benefit from the optimization of the high-frequency word arrangement of colemak, and the Chinese input maintains the percussion rhythm brought by Shuangpin. It can be said that it is a perfect fusion.