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Have to be special(1) - keyboard arrangement colemak

Everyone is a unique individual, and I like to use the terms "mainstream" and "non-mainstream" to classify them. I am a little non-mainstream in many aspects of daily life. This series of articles introduces some of my youth who are Internet addiction. Bewilderment.

I can't remember any day when I suddenly glimpsed an article about keyboard layout.After several days of repeated investigation and entanglement, the choice of colemak, from the end, also lost the ability to type on the ordinary keyboard.

Choose colemak over dvorak


The followers of querty, dvorak and colemak, were created with the design principle of reducing the distance of finger movement. At this point, colemak is more extreme than dvorak. The backspace of the UHF key is arranged at the capslock position, which is the killer of colemak Paired with the high-frequency letter keys of the same company, the middle row of the keyboard is used to the maximum, which is far less than dvorak.

And one of the selling points of colemak, copy and paste shortcuts to keep in place, is the icing on the cake.

Soil your hands, hardware and software adaptation

In the Linux X11 desktop environment, fcitx supports colemak perfectly. In a pure terminal environment, you can use the command: setxkbmap us -variant colemak.


The situation becomes complicated in the Windows environment. The perfect solution is to buy a programmable keyboard, such as gh60, poker2, xd75, etc. Option two, download the official website or the software at the bottom of this article, and install it. This way The problem is that when using Chinese and Japanese input methods, the keyboard will change back to querty, which is extremely painful and used with caution.

Software compatible

Under debian, I only found a key mapping problem in a piece of software. The capslock key in visual studio code is still Capslock. The solution is very simple, follow the path "File"-> "Preferences"-> "Keyboard Shortcuts". Note the top right There is a small icon "Open Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON)" in the corner, click and add content: ` {"key": "capslock", "command": "deleteLeft"} ` DONE!

When colemak fits into your life

Others cannot use your book, you will be awkward when you use other people's machines. Others cast a doubtful look on you, "colemak", you respond, the original doubts are mixed with some impatience, you take the book again, "you Say, let me type ". Such a script happens repeatedly. Occasionally, you will recall the feeling of hitting querty years ago, slightly awkward, familiar and strange.

Send Buddha to the West

Changing the keyboard companion has greatly affected my surfing experience. In this case, why not go any further and change the Chinese input method. Next in the series:

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